October conference to announce new farm antibiotics data and targets

The full running order for RUMA’s 2017 conference, to be held on October 27th at the J.Sainsbury’s Conference Centre, Holborn, London, has been released, and will include two major updates of significant importance for the farming industry.

Hosted in association with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), the conference, entitled “Antibiotic Resistance – Facing up to the AMR challenge” is set to include the latest official antibiotic sales data for farm animals, as well as revealing the farming industry’s new sector-specific targets for antibiotic use.

The conference proceedings will open with an address from Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Rural Affairs and Biosecurity Lord Gardiner, followed by an update on the new 2016 antibiotic sales data for farm animals, presented by VMD’s head of the Antimicrobial Resistance team Dr Kitty Healey.

Responding to Dr Healey’s presentation will be Professor Christianne Glossop, Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) for Wales, and Professor Paul Cosford, Director for Health Protection at Public Health. Professor Glossop, on behalf of all four of the UK’s CVOs, will examine the link between antibiotic use and animal welfare, and Professor Cosford will provide perspectives from a human health angle.

A post-lunch session looking at scientific challenges will introduce members of RUMA’s independent Scientific Group. They will aim to host a robust debate, with audience participation, around the myths and facts concerning antibiotic resistance and farm animals.

One of the key sessions of the day will include the findings from RUMA’s Targets Task Force. Originally proposed in May 2016 after the O’Neill Review on Antimicrobial Resistance’s final report was published, the industry-led group has been working to identify meaningful objectives to reduce, refine or replace antibiotic use since the Government’s commitment to agree sector-specific targets by the end of this year was announced. The announcement of the targets will be followed by a discussion and questions to members of the Task Force from Professor Peter Borriello, Chief Executive of the VMD.

The conference will conclude with a summary from the Chief Veterinary Officer Nigel Gibbens, who will review progress and set a challenge for the next two years.

Tickets for the RUMA conference are now available on Eventbrite and places are limited.