Targets Task Force 2

Targets Task Force 2 (TTF2)

In 2019 work began on the next phase of targets by the Targets Task Force 2 (TTF2) building on the lessons learned from phase 1. The first three years of the TTF saw technical developments, the capture of data and microbiological research which has changed the understanding of antibiotic use and resistance. These findings informed new targets launched November 2020 and which run from 2021 to 2024.

Applying Learnings

The second phase looks to further enhance and strengthen the response of Agriculture to the AMR challenge. There has been a general shift of focus from national numerical targets to ‘on-farm’ health and welfare, data and engagement targets, especially in ruminants. This ensures metrics are more relevant to individual farms and farmers. Where targets exist, they now act as more of a guide and indicator to progress. Feedback showed that national targets are understood, but relaying messages and insight using individual farm data is also important. Industry level data and figures are still essential to illustrate the general direction and provide focus for sector activities, but farm level data is vital and gives farmers the autonomy to set their own goals and targets to achieve realistic and sustainable levels of responsible use.

The targets are not about driving towards zero antibiotic use. It is important to acknowledge that antibiotics are there as a tool to treat sick animals and to improve and maintain animal welfare. Each sector will ultimately reach a sustainable level below which further reductions could create issues of animal welfare. For now, reductions continue across most sectors but in others, usage is beginning to level out or even bounce back a small amount where sustainable use has been achieved. Seasonal weather or disease challenges also result in targeted increased use of medicines.

Members of the RUMA Targets Task Force 2


Mark Jelly – Beef Farmer

Elizabeth Berry – Vet


Elizabeth Berry – Vet


Richard Cooper – Vet


Charles Sercombe – Sheep Farmer

Fiona Lovatt – Vet


Richard Lister – Pig Farmer

Paul Thompson – Vet


Iain Berrill – SSPO


Paul Jeavons – Game Farmer

Dr Kenny Nutting – Vet

Laying Hens

Ian Lowery – Vet

Poultry Meat

Thomas Wornham – Poultry Farmer

Daniel Parker – Vet


Gwyn Jones – Past Chair, James Russell – BVA, Fraser Broadfoot – VMD, Grace O’Gorman – NOAH, Georgina McDowell – Red Tractor, Mandy Nevel – AHDB

RUMA Chair and Organisations:

Catherine McLaughlin – Chair, Chris Lloyd – Secretary General, Dawn Howard – Deputy Chair, Tim Brigstocke – RUMA Treasurer, Mary Bawn – Communications Manager


RUMA Members