Targets Task Force

LATEST: Latest update report released (29 October 2019) IMPORTANT – please read in the context of the original targets report released 2017 and the first annual update from 2018 to understand the full context for each sector.

BACKGROUND: The intention to form the RUMA Targets Task Force was first announced in May 2016 by RUMA. The group convened for its inaugural meeting in December 2016. Its specific aim was to deliver on the Government objective of identifying sector-specific targets for the reduction, refinement or replacement of antibiotics in animal agriculture. It delivered these targets in the RUMA Targets Task Force Report 2017 at the RUMA conference on 27 October 2017. You can watch a video about how the task force developed the targets and arrived at its conclusions below. The work of the Task Force was officially recognised by the medical and veterinary communities when it won the Prescribing and Stewardship category at Public Health England’s 2018 Antibiotic Guardian Awards.

The Targets Task Force – Terms of Reference describe the aims and responsibilities of the Task Force.

The members of the refreshed RUMA Targets Task Force are (by sector alphabetically):

  • Beef: Mark Jelley (producer), Elizabeth Berry (vet)
  • Calves: Hannah Dyke (producer), Richard Cooper (vet)
  • Dairy: Paul Tompkins (producer), Elizabeth Berry (vet)
  • Gamebirds: Paul Jeavons (producer), Will Ingham & Isy Manning (vets)
  • Laying hens: Paul McMullin (vet)
  • Pigs: Richard Lister (producer), Richard Pearson (vet)
  • Poultry meat: Tom Wornham (producer), Daniel Parker (vet)
  • Salmon: Iain Berrill (representing producers), members of the Salmon Prescribing Group (vets)
  • Sheep: Charles Sercombe (producer); Fiona Lovatt (vet)
  • Trout: Oliver Robinson (producer), Peter Scott (vet)
  • Observers: Clive Brown (AHDB), James Russell (BVA), Paul Cook (FSA), Donal Murphy (NOAH), Georgina Crayford (Red Tractor) and Fraser Broadfoot (VMD).

Chairing and Organisation

  • Gwyn Jones, Chair, RUMA (Chair of Targets Task Force)
  • Chris Lloyd,  Secretary General, RUMA (Secretary)
  • Catherine McLaughlin, Vice Chair, RUMA
  • Amy Jackson, Communications Officer, RUMA
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