RUMA Welcomes New Member, Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation

RUMA is pleased to announce that the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation (SSPO) has joined the Alliance.

In welcoming the SSPO, RUMA Secretary General John FitzGerald said “RUMA’s strength is the breadth of interest covered by its members and this has been increased by the addition of the Scottish Salmon Producers who will be able to provide valuable expertise on the responsible use of medicines in aquaculture.”

Scott Landsburgh Chief Executive of the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation said:

Scottish-Salmon-Producers-Organisation-Logo“Scottish salmon producers recognise the importance of using medicines sensibly. Our members adhere to the industry Code of Good Practice for finfish aquaculture which reflects best practice in animal health by applying the latest innovative techniques. Joining RUMA helps us to underpin our ongoing commitment to fish health and welfare, reinforcing our pledge to produce food responsibly.”


  1. RUMA is an alliance of organisations representing every stage of the “farm to fork” process which aims to promote a co-ordinated and integrated approach to best practice in the use of medicines on farm. A full list of RUMA members is at paragraph 3 below. For further information contact RUMA Secretary General John FitzGerald ( or see the RUMA website
  1. The Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation represents salmon farming in Scotland. It is at the centre of salmon farming’s industry-wide initiatives and public communication, acting as a trusted source of information, a strong industry voice and a focus through which industry leadership and objectives can be channelled. The SSPO plays a central role in representing the industry on political, regulatory, media and technical issues in Scotland, the UK, EU and internationally.