RUMA is pleased to see European Parliament support to protect animal health and welfare

Cat McLaughlin, Chair of RUMA says: “RUMA is very pleased to see that in a majority vote, members of the European Parliament chose to support continued veterinary access to specific life-saving medicines for both farm and companion animals. 

“There is strong scientific support for animal access to HP CIA’s under the guidelines set out by the EMA, which uses scientific evidence to consider the use of medicines in the context of human and animal health and welfare. It is reassuring to see that the suitability of the EMA criteria has been recognised by the EU Parliament. 

“The more restrictive controls, which had been proposed by the amendment, lacked scientific justification and rigour and had the motion been carried, it would have had a detrimental impact on animal health and welfare in livestock and pets. 

“Whilst the UK is no longer in the EU, any changes to the EU Veterinary Medicines regulations would potentially have a knock-on impact in the UK, not least in the context of future trade agreements.   

“RUMA has always stated that it is important that science-based advice is always followed when considering the use of medicines in animals.” 

UK agriculture is committed to the responsible use of antibiotics. Just as humans and companion animals (pets) sometimes need treatment if they fall ill, this means on occasion treating an animal or in a farming scenario, sometimes a group of animals reared together, with an antibiotic to treat and prevent the spread of a disease and prevent suffering.