RUMA Conference – November 2023 – A One Health view on the responsible use of medicines

The Responsible use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance (RUMA) conference 2023, is this year being delivered via a series of weekly online webinars throughout November. Each webinar will feature panel discussions covering a range of One Health topics relating to the responsible use of medicines in agriculture.

There is a fantastic line-up of highly respected industry speakers who will be providing valuable insight into a variety of responsible use topics, and there will also be an opportunity to put forward questions during each session.

The webinars are FREE to attend, but pre-booking is required.

You can view all five sessions and BOOK HERE


There are five webinars in total across the month as detailed below:

RUMA Online webinar conference – Session 1: TTF Report launch and VARSS headlines

In this session RUMA will launch its annual TTF Report and The Veterinary Medicines Directorate will present its Veterinary Antibiotic Resistance and Sales Surveillance (UK-VARSS) headlines.

RUMA Online webinar conference – Session 2: UK Agriculture - The global picture and the UK position

This session will discuss a range of responsible use topics related to UK agriculture assessing recent predictions on global antibiotic use as well as revisiting the UK position and journey to date on antibiotic reductions in livestock. The core discussion topics will be centred around:

  • The global picture and the UK position
  • How low can we go?
  • Affordable food – the necessary compromises
  • Are we doing enough?

RUMA Online webinar conference – Session 3: RUMA Companion Animal and Equine - The importance of expanding the AMR journey beyond livestock

In this session guest speakers from our sibling organisation, RUMA CA&E will share an overview of their work to date which will include the journey undertaken to define national metrics for measuring antibiotic use in dogs and cats, plus key sector initiatives such as the Antibiotic Amnesty. RUMA CA&E will also discuss the latest national usage figures released in its annual report and explore the next steps in the measures and targets journey. Finally, the session will open up discussion around the need for data for the CA&E sectors and how learnings from the Livestock sectors have helped shape their work in this area.

RUMA Online webinar conference – Session 4: Environment – UK standards and a global context

The session will open with the headline findings from a desktop study commissioned by RUMA, which explores the environmental aspects associated with the responsible use of medicines in agriculture.

A panel of speakers will then discuss the key findings of the report and explore any steps we have to take to ensure our use of medicines is responsible in terms of the whole One Health agenda.

RUMA Online webinar conference – Session 5: What does One Health mean? The interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary journey to sustainability.

  • This session will consider a number of topics and areas under the One Health sphere as well as taking into account the challenges that exist under each of the core pillars as well as the social and economic aspects of One Health
  • Finally the debate panel will deliberate whether enough is being done and what should happen next

RUMA and Harper Keele Veterinary School collaboration

RUMA is pleased to be showcasing some of the work of the students from HKVS on topics directly related to the areas RUMA works across many of which are also being covered in our conference webinar series this year. To learn more about their work click the button below: