New AMR strategy launched

On 24 January, the government published its 20-year vision and 5-year national action plan for how the UK will contribute to containing and controlling AMR by 2040.

The plans include targets such as cutting the number of drug-resistant infections by 10% (5,000 infections) by 2025 and reducing the use of antibiotics in humans by 15%. Progress in the UK farm animal sector – namely reducing sales by 40% since 2013 – was acknowledged, as were existing plans to reduce, refine or replace antibiotic use up to 2020, which are anticipated to result in further overall reductions.

RUMA welcomed the strategy and confirmed that the voluntary, industry-led approach to refining antibiotic use was ‘alive and well’. The Government press release can be accessed here. Responses have also been issued by the British Veterinary Association and NOAH.