Information website launched to review antibiotic use on farms

A new website launched by RUMA to coincide with World Antibiotic Awareness Week (14-20 November) explains the facts about antibiotic resistance as well as consolidating scientific data and the details of the steps being taken to tackle the challenge of resistant bacteria in livestock into one place.

RUMA, the agricultural and food industry alliance promotes responsible use of medicines in farm animals, says the site,, provides impartial, factual information for commentators, media and industry to readily access.

RUMA Secretary General John FitzGerald says: “Handy downloadable infographics and the latest news will help inform the debate around this important topic as there is a tendency to attribute the growth in resistant bacteria mainly to the farming industry, which is not borne out by the facts.

“The industry, vets and farmers have a major part to play and a shared responsibility in looking at ways to reduce antibiotic use and refine practices but it’s important to recognise the transfer of resistant bacteria from animal to human currently remains very low. We must work to keep it that way.”

Mr FitzGerald says the site also reports the progress made by RUMA members in looking at ways to reduce antibiotic use and refine practices without jeopardising the high health and welfare standards of our livestock.

“This delivers on the UK 5-year AMR Strategy which was launched on 10 September 2013. RUMA was among the groups that welcomed and supported the strategy, and has now published its second progress update of the work that has been done across the UK livestock sector in the 28 months since the plan was first published.”

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