Responsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture (RUMA) Alliance

RUMA was established in November 1997 to promote the highest standards of food safety, animal health and animal welfare in the British livestock industry.

It is a unique, independent non-profit group involving organisations that represent all stages of the food chain from ‘farm to fork’. This reflects the importance of traceability, transparency and accountability at all stages in the chain: from primary food production, through processing, manufacturing and retailing to the final consumer. Its membership includes organisations operating in agriculture, veterinary practice, animal medicines, farm assurance, training, retail and animal welfare.

RUMA aims to produce a co-ordinated and integrated approach to best practice in animal medicine use. It has an established communications network with government departments and many non-governmental organisations.

Targets Task Force 2: One Year On

RUMA has a current focus to deliver on the Government objective of identifying sector specific targets for the reduction, refinement or replacement of antibiotics in animal agriculture. The creation and roll out of the first set of sector specific targets in 2017 through the RUMA Targets Task Force, helped focus activity across the UK livestock sectors to achieve a 50% reduction in antibiotic use since 2014. This has been realised principally through voluntary multi-sector collaboration, cross sector initiatives, codes of practice, industry body support and farm assurance schemes. The first set of targets issued in 2017 became the industry roadmap and focus for everyone along the supply chain and across each of the sectors. Last year the second set of targets up to 2024 (developed by the Targets Task Force 2 – TTF2) were released.

The second set of targets were launched on 18 November 2020, and the first year summary report was released on 8 November 2021. To view the reports click below.


RUMA Targets Task Force 2: One Year on Nov 2021
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