Targets 2021 – 2024

The first set of targets issued in 2017 became the industry roadmap and focus for everyone along the supply chain and across each of the sectors. Last year (2020) the second set of targets up to 2024 (developed by the Targets Task Force 2 – TTF2) were released. In November 2021 the one year on’ review of the second set of targets report was released which provides the first annual progress update and should be read alongside the original Targets Task Force 2020 report for full context.


RUMA Targets Task Force 2: One Year on Nov 2021
Antibiotic Use in Cattle - Dairy Trend Data and Usage by Beef Farm Type 2015 - 2019



The RUMA Targets Task Force 2:
Chair of the RUMA TTF – Cat McLaughlin

Beef Mark Jelly – Beef Farmer
Elizabeth Berry – Vet
Dairy Elizabeth Berry – Vet
RUMA Calf icon Calves Richard Cooper – Vet
RUMA Sheep icon Sheep Charles Sercombe – Sheep Farmer
Fiona Lovatt – Vet
RUMA Pigs icon Pigs Richard Lister – Pig farmer
Paul Thompson – Vet
Ruma Salmon icon Salmon Iain Berrill – SSPO
RUMA Trout icon Trout Oliver Robinson – BTA
Peter Scott – Vet
RUMA Gamebirds icon Gamebirds Paul Jeavons – Game Farmer
Dr Kenny Nutting – Vet
RUMA Laying Hens icon Laying hens Ian Lowery – Vet
RUMA Poultry meat icon Poultry Meat Thomas Wornham – Poultry Farmer
Daniel Parker – Vet
Observers Gwyn Jones – Past Chair, James Russell – BVA, Fraser Broadfoot – VMD, Grace O’Gorman – NOAH, Georgina McDowell – Red Tractor, Mandy Nevel – AHDB
RUMA Chairing and Organisation Catherine McLaughlin – Chair, Chris Lloyd – Secretary General, Dawn Howard – Deputy Chair,
Tim Brigstocke – RUMA Treasurer, Mary Bawn – Communications Manager
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