RUMA action plan for implementing the UK 5 year AMR strategy

The UK 5 year AMR Strategy was launched on 10 September 2013. RUMA, a unique alliance of 23 organisations across the whole UK livestock sector, was among the groups that welcomed and supported the strategy.

The Alliance has discussed the actions that will be required to implement the strategy and has developed this action plan, based on the detailed actions in Annex B of the Strategy, to set out the actions that RUMA and/or its members will take. Inevitably, the plan is still at an early stage. RUMA members have agreed to review and record progress against the plan at RUMA’s quarterly meetings and to publish the plan and its subsequent revisions to provide an open report on how this work is developing.

During these reviews new actions will be added to the plan including any identified by the high level steering group made up of DARC, ARHAI and ACSMF members who the strategy says will agree an action plan to implement the strategy.

A list of RUMA members and the acronyms used in this plan are at Annex A.

If you have any comments on the plan please send them to RUMA’s Secretary General, John FitzGerald, at

The full version of these guidelines can be downloaded here.

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