Deputy Chair

Dawn Howard

Dawn Howard is Deputy Chair of RUMA and also Chief Executive of NOAH

Dawn qualified as a botanist at the University of Nottingham, and went on to work in UK Government, in animal health and welfare policy, pesticides policy and enforcement, having originally joined as a field-based plant health inspector.

Dawn moved to Brussels in 2009, where she represented UK agriculture in the British Agriculture Bureau office of the National Farmers Union. There her responsibilities included animal health, animal welfare and trade. She later headed up the European body for farm animal breeders, EFFAB.

Dawn joined NOAH in 2014 and has successfully steered the organisation through EU Exit uncertainty and challenges, providing a robust defence for the animal health sector which has helped to increase both the profile and membership of the Association. She is a passionate advocate for high standards of both animal health and welfare and the benefits trade associations bring to represent industry and influence policy. Dawn also strongly supports evidence based proportionate regulation and the advantages new scientific developments can deliver for  society. This will continue to be an important theme as the UK transitions to become a bigger player on the global stage.


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